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Bankruptcy In New York State : chapter 7 & chapter 13

authored by leading attorney Craig Humpleby.

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Declaring personal bankruptcy requires specific legal knowledge that an experienced attorney is best qualified to provide for you.

Can I File For Bankruptcy Myself?

Filing for bankruptcy requires the services of an experienced and qualified attorney. Do not attempt to do it yourself without legal counsel.

Can I Keep My Home?

In many cases, your attorney will form a plan for your specific situation so that you could keep your home through bankruptcy and beyond.

Can I Keep My Car?

Our attorneys have worked on thousands of bankruptcy cases. It is possible depending on your circumstances. We will best be able to advise you about keeping your car when we meet.

What Can I Do About My Credit Card Payments... They're Out Of Control!

Creditors and collection agencies can be ruthless. Until you retain a bankruptcy attorney, you will unfortunately keep receiving harassing phone calls. Once you decide to take action, your creditors can no longer legally contact you regarding your debts. You can refer all your creditors to us. Ask us more about this when we meet. You could even be eligible for a payout if any of your creditors breach the Fair Debt Collection law.

Enter bankruptcy protection and renegotiate your debt through the power of the trustee and Florida court

Is Filing For Bankruptcy Expensive ?

Unlike credit counseling advice to consolidate and renegotiate your debt, filing for bankruptcy with a qualified attorney is relatively inexpensive.

How Soon Can I File ?

This is really up to you. You can file as quickly as you can gather the required proof of income and other documents needed by the courts. We use electronic filing to ensure you get the best level of service and access to the protection that bankruptcy affords

Am I Eligible To File For Bankruptcy ?

There are very few cases where bankruptcy is not an option. The question is 'Which type of bankruptcy filing is right for me?' Your attorney will guide you as to what is best for you and your family.

The phone consultation is FREE. We don't take a cookie cutter approach to your case . Every situation is different and needs the careful consideration of your circumstances. That is just the beginning.

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