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Filing Bankruptcy Is The Smart Way To Handle Debt That's Out Of Control

 If you answer 'Yes' to any of the following questions, a bankruptcy filing could be the best solution for your situation. Go ahead and take this 60 second quiz:

Q1. Do you have collection agencies hounding you and your loved ones?

Q2. Does your daily mail contain many overdue notices?

Q3. Are you doing the 'credit card shuffle'... paying off one credit card with another?

Q4. Are you in debt to the same or greater amount as your yearly income?

Q5. Have you tried paying your debts down unsuccessfully?

Q6. Have you started ignoring those phone calls, letters and emails from your creditors?

Q7. Do you owe money on a vehicle that has been repossessed or a house that has been foreclosed?

Q8. Has someone sued you and been successful?

Q9. Did your 'ex' leave you with half the income and all the bills?

Q10. Were you recently laid off from your job or forced to take a paycut?

Q11. Have you thought about getting a high-interest loan or using your home and/or household goods as security for the loan?

If you answered yes to more than 2 of these questions, you can talk to us for free before you decide to take any action. Not sure? Give us a call on 866-LAW-9110 or select your New York county and fill our online form.

Don't let fear trap you. Doing nothing at all is exactly what lands many people in hot water. Sleepless nights, fights with loved ones over money, screening the endless phone calls and all the stress and worry over your financial dituation has got to stop. Give yourself some peace of mind and fill out this form for your free attorney consultation.

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